120 STAFFORD ST, WORCESTER, MA, 02603-1457 

Business Hours:

Monday -Thursday :11:00am~8:00pm
Friday & Saturday :11:00am~8:00pm
Sunday:12:00 noon ~ 8:00pm

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Reviewed by: lmcgrath1 on: 2019/11/13 16:48:52
Tip amount incorrect-over charged.
Reviewed by: siobhan.blaylock on: 2019/11/3 17:00:39
Ordered Peking Raviolis which came smelling burnt and dried out like they were overcooked. Pork Wonton Soup which tasted like it was made in a beef broth and way salty than normal to where it wasnt edible. Lastly Orange Chicken which was hard as a rock as if it had been precooked. I have been ordering from here for the past year and my last few bad experiences are the reason for this comment. I don't know if it a new cook or entire new managment but I feel as though the food continues to get worse and worse. Extremely upset!
Reviewed by: belinabi85 on: 2019/7/1 7:12:48
Ordered yesterday lo mein. I could smell the rotten vegetables in it they were stale and or either recooked.i ended up throwing it away. The crab rangoon was off too tasted like expired cream cheese. I had to theow away that too.
Reviewed by: mironbko13 on: 2019/5/22 11:35:24
the food here is very bad it use to be good before other people bought this restaurant. The inside isn't very clean once i was eating in and seen a rat running around i think this place needs to be inspected.
Reviewed by: cindydemarco60 on: 2019/2/3 17:46:26
Please advise that you credited my acct 7.00 as you did not include chicken wings on my order.as per our phone conversation.thank you..demarco was last name and order was placed and picked up around 5 pm
Reviewed by: cindydemarco60 on: 2019/2/3 17:39:59
I just talked with you.please advise when you have credited my credit card 7.00 as no chicken wings were received. Thank you...john demarco
Reviewed by: dbryant368 on: 2015-06-26
Best Chinese food in all of Worcester